The Company

Plakton is a global brand founded in 1995 dedicated to the production and distribution of Comfort Cork Sandals. Our products are exclusively handmade in Spain, where our professionals take special care in the selection of Top Quality materials to take comfort to the next level. Our company has been expanding throughout the world since 2000. Nowadays our products are shipped to every continent. You can take a closer look at: Points of Sale

This has been possible thanks to the help of dedicated professionals. Plakton counts on a great network of agents, each with great experience in the countries that we operate in. Their know-how in the shoe business is without doubt impecable, as well as their dedication. These are some of our Agents: Agents and Distributors

Production & Process

Our company is especializad in the production of shoes with cork insoles. The accurate selection of specific raw materials, chosen by our Quality Control Team, lead our products to the highest level. The introduction of the latest technology in our factories let us achieve the best, and more comfortable products in the market. We are determined in giving maximum comfort, which is why we deeply care in obtaining the highest quality in our materials and processes.


Cork Harvesting

Plakton is a brand that cares for nature. Since 1995, cork has been the material that we use for the production of almost every product that we created since then on. We always have tried to make products that are comfortable, ergonomic and natural. That is our essence. The harvesting of the cork oak is an ancient process that can only (and should) be done by experts: the descortiçadores. Manual skill and a lot of experience is required to avoid damaging the tree.

Our History


Plakton was founded in a small office in the center of the city of Elche. Almost 95% of our activity was dedicated to the German market and bigger distributers. First steps.


The company moves headquarters to the industrial estate of Elche in order to gain bigger capacity and benefit from synergies. Plakton grows sustainably amid strong competition.


First renewal of machinery in factories and offices. The company needs to increase productivity and efficiency in order to mantain supply as demand starts to increase significantly.


Plakton diversifies commercial policy by expanding across other countries and focusing on other type of customers (medium & small stores) through the use of agents. French market is introduced.


Plakton enters various markets that are now very important for the brand. These markets are: Italy, Holland, Northern Europe, Japan, Greece and Cyprus. Very well-known fashion countries.


Through the brand awareness, people around the world start to know Plakton and demand increases sharply. The brand now enters Canada, Middle East and the UK.


New Milestone achieved: more than 1 million pairs sold worldwide! The company starts to work exclusively with more than 7 factories. Timings to serve customers are very important for Plakton.


Plakton launches new website and new corporate image. We incorporate the whale as a measure of positive awareness to the environment. The company approves ecological initiatives.

Our Values

We are Nature