• Plakton® Swim Collection

    Plakton® Swim Collection
  • Plakton in Bogotá

    Plakton in Bogotá
    Our brand lands for the first time in Conferias, Bogotá. We have had an incredible fair time, spending time with valuable potential customers. Our sales team have transmitted us incredible good and positive reactions.  LATAM is an enormous market for cork sandals. We have received a lot of interest from customers visiting our website in South American countries. You will see loads and loads...
  • Plakton Gel Touch Technology

    Plakton Gel Touch Technology
    Enjoy the pleasure of comfortable walking with Plakton Gel Touch “The human foot is an engineering work of nature” - Leonardo Da VinciWith 26 bones, 32 joints, 19 muscles and more than 100 ligaments, our feet are the base that supports our body. Their form and our way of stepping have an impact on our entire organism since they depend on the coordination of...
  • Plakton

    Plakton | Quality and Design made in Spain
    Plakton footwear is made in Elche, a city of shoe tradition recognized worldwide. When we started our journey in 1995 precisely this commitment to the local to reach the global is something that we were very clear about. If from Elche, our land, the best shoes in the world are made, the coherent thing is that from Plakton we bet on the design and...
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