• Plakton

    Plakton | The shoe brand that loves the Oceans
    Life began in the Oceans,Plankton is the food of Life.Plakton is life.Plakton is Bio footwear to enjoy Life,Healthy and environmentally friendly,It makes you feel good,It makes you feel beautiful,It makes you feel in balance with nature.   We are a “Made in Spain” brand of Bío footwear strongly inspired by nature, with a deep sensitivity towards biodiversity and the environment, especially by the oceans,...
  • Plakton

    Plakton | Cork harvesting
    Plakton is a brand that cares for nature. Since 1995, cork has been the material that we use for the production of almost every product that we created since then on. We always have tried to make products that are comfortable, ergonomic and natural. That is our essence. Cork is a really special material for us. It comes from Quercus suber (the cork oak),...
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