Life began in the Oceans,
Plankton is the food of Life.
Plakton is life.
Plakton is Bio footwear to enjoy Life,
Healthy and environmentally friendly,
It makes you feel good,
It makes you feel beautiful,
It makes you feel in balance with nature.


We are a “Made in Spain” brand of Bío footwear strongly inspired by nature, with a deep sensitivity towards biodiversity and the environment, especially by the oceans, the sea and marine animals, currently threatened by the serious problem of plastic. That is why our emblem is the whale, a symbol that represents the deep love, respect and commitment to nature, a very important value more necessary than ever this world in which we live.

Whales are an endangered species severely threatened by indiscriminate hunting, fishing nets, industry (collisions with ships, pollution and the development of oil and gas) and of course, climate change. This majestic animal evokes marine fauna, freedom and ecological respect for nature. The whale embodies the values ​​that identify and guide Plakton in the effort to produce an ecological and sustainable footwear, a true friend of nature

The name of our brand "Plakton" is clearly related to nature and the seas. Its existence is of the utmost importance for life since they constitute the basis of the marine ecosystem. All larger organisms such as fish, shellfish or humans could not live if plankton did not exist. It is also one of the most important lungs on the planet, since it is one of the main producers of oxygen and therefore plays a key role in the fight against global warming.

Committed to slowfashion and positive fashion, Plakton, fully manufactures its footwear in Spain through sustainable processes and materials of first quality: soft, breathable and flexible skins, water tails, virgin rubber, as well as fibers and vegetable inks. Another particularity in all our creations, which has become one of our identity symbols, is the use of cork oak as the basic ingredient of our soles, this valuable 100% natural and eco-sustainable component is the base and heart of our footwear.



Cork, natural, ecological, recyclable and biodegradable material, is a guarantee of future and survival for cork oak forests, since its production does not produce any pollution or damage to the ecosystem from which it is extracted, since it is obtained by barking, without cutting any tree. The bark is extracted every 9 -10 years, this allows the tree to regenerate this bark throughout its life, approximately 170 years. Hence, cork is a guarantee of future and survival for cork oak forests and an example of eco-sustainability.

Plakton was founded in 1995 with the aim of producing comfortable natural cork sandals. As a result of this meticulous choice of raw materials and a careful manufacturing process and attention to detail we obtain footwear of an unmistakable quality and finish, recognized and appreciated internationally. counting on points of sale distributed all over the world, with special presence in Europe and the United States.


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