Plakton footwear is made in Elche, a city of shoe tradition recognized worldwide. When we started our journey in 1995 precisely this commitment to the local to reach the global is something that we were very clear about. If from Elche, our land, the best shoes in the world are made, the coherent thing is that from Plakton we bet on the design and manufacture of our products from our city in which we have the knowledge, experience and the best craftsmen.

And there is nothing more satisfactory than the well-made product, hence the “Made in Spain” footwear is equivalent to quality. This success is due to the fact that the brands we manufacture in Spain are committed to design, comfort and the selection of the best raw material. The know-how of our master shoemakers, combined with the improvement of manufacturing processes are the ingredients of success that give prestige and popularity to the footwear made in our land. Therefore, footwear made in Spain is one of our great ambassadors, understood as the best guarantee for distributors and consumers worldwide.


Plakton footwear is highly appreciated by our customers for its ergonomics and special design, which has its roots in the nature that surrounds and inspires us. They are sandals and comfortable shoes from the first step because they adapt perfectly to the natural shape of the foot. They are also manufactured with selected natural materials to favor the minimum environmental impact and reduce the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

Another of Plakton's identity features lies in the premium quality of its materials. Selected among the best components, they are tested to meet the highest expectations. Soft chrome-free vegetable tanned skins, microfiber and especially breathable linings, rubber and rubber more flexible for our soles, latex gel more adaptable to our footprint, absorbs impacts for technical templates, more resistant threads, natural waxes, dyes... All combined to make the best possible, durable and comfortable shoe you can imagine.

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