Plakton Gel Touch Technology

Enjoy the pleasure of comfortable walking with Plakton Gel Touch

“The human foot is an engineering work of nature” - Leonardo Da Vinci

With 26 bones, 32 joints, 19 muscles and more than 100 ligaments, our feet are the base that supports our body. Their form and our way of stepping have an impact on our entire organism since they depend on the coordination of our movements and balance. The joints that suffer most in relation to an incorrect way of stepping are the knees, however, other points such as the back and spine can also be affected. In the same way, many of the muscles in the legs are connected to our feet, this implies that an inappropriate way of stepping can cause us muscular overloads.

Happiness Begins in Comfort

Once this point has been reached, the conclusion we reach is that comfortable footwear is a guarantee of health, well-being and happiness, since it will provide us with a perfect base, helping us to walk with less effort, more relaxed, and in body-mind balance. A footwear that respects the anatomy of the feet will allow us to enjoy healthy footprints and gain quality of life. Plakton's footwear is made of soft, soft and flexible skins and materials, which adapt gently to the physiognomy, without pressing, so that walking with them is a caress for the feet.


Plakton Gel Touch: Discover the Secret of Comfort in Plakton Sandals

Many people choose footwear according to color, materials or design, but the main thing is that the choice is guided by comfort, since comfortable shoes are synonymous with health and well-being. Plakton Gel Touch technology is a sum of scientifically studied components to provide foot rest. Thanks to its built-in silicone pads and ergonomically shaped ergonomic cork insole with special support elements, Plakton has probably managed to design the most comfortable Bio sandals on the market.

Say goodbye to tired feet with Plakton Gel Touch

The sandals that incorporate Plakton Gel Touch technology ergonomically adapt to foot physiology, absorbing the impacts of walking. They are good allies to fight tired feet, as they provide cushioning and softness reducing tension in feet, legs, knees, ankles and lumbar. They allow a correct distribution of body weight, relieving pressure points and preventing many injuries and discomfort. They provide a secure foot support when walking, helping us maintain stability and good posture. In addition, the soft gel with which they are designed relieves pressure and provides a fabulous sensation of lightness, reporting a positive effect on the entire body.


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